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  1. Hi Bohemia Interactive, Is there any chance to start a game anew? With the recent updates there were new biomes included and I didn't get to choose in which one to start as I already played since the early stages of Ylands. Sorry to bother, looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. Marco Mateus

    Immersive ships

    Hey Bohemia Interactive I have a few suggestions for the ships in the game that would make it more realistic such as adding paddles for the ship movement, because realistically, engines have to power something that generates movement. You know, in a car the engine powers various components that make the vehicle move such as the wheels, and it would be nice to see paddles being added to the ships, as a separate item, so that the players can make the ship look however they want it to look, and maybe also consider adding chimneys so that steam ships look better, just as depicted in the picture: