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  1. Has there been any new information or progress on this issue? I just discovered that a large blueprint I recently finished is rezzing off grid by half a block. The original construction was done in the sandbox with the intent of using it on several islands in Explorer. Several times during construction, each in a separate session, I tested the "stackability" of this print both horizontally and vertically and each time the test print aligned with the standing construction perfectly. Now the print will not align, I have several other blueprints that align perfectly but are much smaller. Could the size of the construct have any bearing on the "bug"?
  2. i kan

    Power limits?

    Thanks!! Good information all.
  3. i kan

    Power limits?

    I recently started experimenting with power and using it to light building interiors. A fun exercise in direct wired circuits, however I keep running into what appears to be a hard limit of 6 lights per circuit no matter how it is split or recombined. Is 6 the cap or am I missing something else?
  4. Yes, I have already isolated that log from the archive. Should I post it here or somewhere else?
  5. While I realize that the DEVs are busy people, a post sitting unrecognized and unacknowledged for nearly 30 days while the issue worsens is sub par for the type of response I would expect from this game developer. What began as random freezing of the game has become an hourly and often more frequent annoyance. For example, I have been in and out of this game 4 times in the past half hour. Each restart occurs in the same approximate location but not the same pose or specific location within the cave I am spawning into. The spawn position seems to be either up or down the cave by as much as 20 or 30 yards (convert texture squares to 4 foot units). I have included the log files pertinent to this specific instance and will offer as much more data as necessary to assist. Please at the very least respond in some way to let me know that this post has been seen by a Developer and not just another player. As often as we can and do help each other in the forums as players we cannot assist with core technical issues and must turn to the "authorities" for assistance. Since I returned to the game in late December, I have been experiencing a variety of anomalies in the game (based on previous in game experience), some of them I have seen mentioned in the forums some not. Would it be possible to open a dialog? All of my maps are setup as locally hosted single player games then opened individually to one or more players as needed and closed again at the end of a play session. I spend 90% of my time in single player mode on what I assume to be my local machine. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag_01202022.txt
  6. Have you noticed an offset between your focus dot and the object/action actually executed? for example: during construction; right click a block to anchor placement , then rotate and placement is wrong... using paint gun; point focus dot at specific item (object name and current color are the actual target) and instead paint an object either behind or to the side of the target in sandbox using annihilator; point focus dot at specific object and delete the object to the right
  7. I just found a name, three in fact...listed in the log file. All three were listed in my "Friends" but I do not recognize any of them. True I don't completely understand the log output text, I do understand pieces of it and if what I'm reading is what I think something is wrong. Have you ever seen the text "userUnsafeScenarioGroupData":{"userId":"938..."?
  8. I had setup passwords and have no idea if the intruders were the same person. I only saw a name twice and only actually paid attention to the one in Explorer since the sandbox is what it is. About the logs.. I know the date of one of the visits so could pull just that set of logs but I am still waiting for some kind of response to my query about the game constantly freezing. I'm locking up upwards to 8-9 times in a 4 hour session.
  9. This is not a wild musing. Three times in the past week I have witnessed an unauthorized visitor to a sandbox and the updated Explorer. The sandbox is listed in the sub menu as a single player game with no provision to open it to a multiplayer. In Explorer the multiplayer cap is set to 2. Assuming the host is one of the two allowed and the invited guest is present, the cap should prevent a third player. Right? At the risk of sounding petty this unwelcome visitor is looting my resources and it is annoying. I get the pirate/combat aspect of the game and accept it in multiplayer games, however the controls are supposed to allow the creator control over population. Right? A limit of 2 means only 2 bodies not 3, 4, or more. Or did they change that in the new math too? Please help me here. Am I misunderstanding the controls and settings or is something else going on here? Spydr
  10. Good news...I found my cars parked on some obscure beach head on some obscure island in the middle of the wrong map. (Good thing I was sailing by at night...) You were right that it would be a spawn island. I respawned there 4-5 lives ago and always thought that island was on a different map. It is however different from my original spawn island which is where I was looking all the while believing that is where I would respawn unless I move my bed...lessons learned...
  11. nope, built all three from scratch as crash test dummies for just this kind of situation, but cars get expensive after the first two or three go missing. prolly not relevant to this discussion but I'm also seeing a large volume of what I am interpreting as anomalies in game mechanics like an absolute lack of aggression from NPCs, an all too frequent loss of land based container content, and NPCs "stuck" in walls, cliffs, and boulders across several games not just Exploration. I'm wondering if my issues are being generated by a problem in my local files. I have already "verified the integrity" of my files through Steam but no help there. I would try reinstalling the core files if I could figure out how or where to download without a total reinstallation.
  12. spiritchaser26, Thanks for the underwater possibility, I hadn't thought of it. So then I dove the waters surrounding the island...no cars to be found... ikan
  13. From the right 4 angles it spans the lagoon
  14. Does anyone have an explanation for the apparent ribbon across the landscape? It waves in the wind at the end above the fuselage and is not a rigid object, I can fly through it.