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    RESOLVED [YLD-25969] Menu Screen Bug?

    Hi Adam, Fixed! Thanks to you and the team for looking into this! Fairyfuzz
  2. Fairyfuzz

    RESOLVED [YLD-25969] Menu Screen Bug?

    Hi I have an update with some progress! Through some semi-random clicking* I have managed to get to the Settings menu and to the Key bindings...and my suspicion above was correct - someone's changed the Chat function to LMB! Trouble is I can't edit the binding (LMB just opens the Chat) and what I assume is the 'reset' button (circle arrow button above and right of the bindings) has the same problem, though there is a sound like a button being pressed and the button graphically looks depressed for a moment, however nothing is reset... So the good news is that it's not a bug and your programming guys are off the hook ! Now we're pretty sure what the problem is (little fingers and tight lips), how can I either reset the controls within the UI, or delete/edit them within File Explorer? As I mentioned, I have uninstalled the game and then manually deleted the remaining Ylands folder under Steam then reinstalled only to have the same issue, which makes me think the keybindings are stored elsewhere... To prevent a reoccurrence of an issue of this nature, can I suggest implementing an extra stage of the re-binding code that either prevents multiple functions being assigned to the same key, or clears any previous bindings to the newly assigned key before actually reassigning it? Also, I noticed a post indicating that Shift-clicking the .exe in the Steam folder opens a mini-settings menu that contains keybinding settings for controllers and joysticks; perhaps keyboard and mouse could be added here too (or at least a 'reset bindings' control)? Fairyfuzz *PS: Although LMB only brings up the Chat box, middle mouse button (MMB) allows me to select the tabs/menus, but not click buttons...By going to the Social tab with MMB I could LMB on the search box without the Chat box opening, and whilst the search box was active (text cursor flashing) I could use LMB to click the Settings button and open the Settings menu. MMB could then switch the tabs there, and also select the different keybinding categories.
  3. Fairyfuzz

    RESOLVED [YLD-25969] Menu Screen Bug?

    Hi again, Just a thought - is there any way to alter key bindings outside of the UI? Just in case 'someone' (looking at the kids) changed something by accident? Had a poke around in the Ylands folders under steam but didn't see anything obvious... Fairyfuzz
  4. Fairyfuzz

    RESOLVED [YLD-25969] Menu Screen Bug?

    Hi, No controllers or joysticks, just a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. Fairyfuzz
  5. Fairyfuzz

    RESOLVED [YLD-25969] Menu Screen Bug?

    Hi Adam, Thanks for responding so quickly! Windowed mode unfortunately didn't change anything. I also tried using Task Manager to see what other programs were running in the background and shut down as much as I could, also no effect on restarting Ylands. According to Task Manager, Ylands and Chrome (and Task manager) were the only 'Apps' running, though there were obviously many other 'Background Processes', e.g. Steam, AVG Antivirus, etc.) running in the background, plus nearly 100 'Windows Processes'. The other PC running Ylands has a very similar setup by way of installed programs, hardware-wise it is more beefy though. A list of installed software (generated using Geek Uninstaller) is attached...sorry, html files uploads are blocked so I pasted into Notepad so the formatting (or lack of) makes it a bit difficult to read. Fairyfuzz Installed Programs.txt
  6. Hi, On starting the game the menu screen opens as normal, but left-clicking only opens/closes the chat box. Clicking the middle button (mouse wheel) lets me choose the tabs at the top of the screen (Games, Account, Social, etc.) but can't do anything else: start a game, access Settings, etc. It's been this way for a while, I thought it was an update bug initially, but on returning to the game a couple of months later, it still persists. I've uninstalled the game via Steam, even deleted the remaining Ylands folder, and re-installed without any change. The game runs fine on another computer in the house. Output logs attached. Hoping for some help! Fairyfuzz output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt