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  1. thundarcrash

    Recently played games screen and missing PB

    this is what happened to me. start off with nothing. no broken barrier or a single stick. thankfully i out all my stuff in a trunk on my friends island chest adn was able to visit him and get my guardian gear and toolbox back
  2. Below it says you can use ANY mushroom, but i have 83 cave mushrooms and it doesnt recognize them
  3. thundarcrash

    Exploration 1.5 - Collective Suggestions

    I would like another tool if its not in there already that i jsut cant find... a wall smooother...like a vertical shovel? i like building my house and stuff on top and then build a basement to hide all my junk..or sometimes and underground smithy and pretend to be a dwarf..lol
  4. thundarcrash

    upgradeable workstations

    I think it would be neat for late game or mid to late if you could upgrade workstations to either 1) more product from input item..I.e 1 Ore turns into 3 bars or more slots in the forge/smelt/etc...like an industrial type thing. maybe need ylandium plus iron ore = more ingots/items can someone move this to exploration feedback..not editor...dont know how to delete this post!
  5. thundarcrash

    Raining inside a cave

    As you can see below..it rains in the cave.
  6. See below when i found the sword it has this as the name.
  7. I don't know if this was intentional or not but as i was building a boat i used the blueprint that is available and put the back portion of the boat on land. Just so it wouldn't sail away. Now i know the anchor is auto used so don't have to worry about that, but i found out you cant dig with the pick/spade to lower the dirt so the ship would be able to move at the borderline of water meets land...thankfully the claiming of the ship and summon of the ship fixed where i can get on my boat...im assuming dynamic water is still out of the picture for now as well.
  8. thundarcrash

    New 1.5 Savegame unable to open in the editor

    Couldn't an option be if you mod this character/world..you cant connect to multiplayer? for someone like me that would be totally fine since i have NO intention fo doing any type of multiplayer at all and im sure there are others?
  9. thundarcrash

    New 1.5 Savegame unable to open in the editor

    If that's the case cant you add a tag to make it able to open the editor? to make it have like a (modded) tag and not able to open or if it does open to other itll let people know?
  10. thundarcrash

    New 1.5 Savegame unable to open in the editor

    oh ok..i thought that the maps would still be local and not multiplayer. I dont like playing with other people and just want to build and explore. The Legacy maps are too small for this unless it has been updated to the size of the new explore as well then there is no point of playing that. What i like to do is create a potion belt that refreshes potions via script editing while exploring and crafting, or modding boots to increase movement speed when worn, refresh charge of mining drill when in active slot, but cant do this now from what you have said. ah well
  11. Is it not possible to open the savegames that you create in the new 1.5 build in the editor and edit those? or am i doing something wrong? i did the Steam beta access copy paste code to try to download the experimental editor But dont believe it actually downloaded.