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    SPA_LIFE_V1.5 (Exploracion)

    That's insane ??
  2. jchob

    On game start

    Would it be the event ON PLAYER CONNECTED? you can find it inside player role logic
  3. jchob

    Dev Diary #140 - A Year of Adam

    Wait wait, it has been already 1 year since you are around? Jeezzz I found 2 weird things: why are you wearing pants instead of kilt? And.... Sometimes im drunk, but did I see your twin or its video editing? ??
  4. jchob

    Naru's Corner #1 - Terrain Generator

    Oh my Jesus, 40 min? Give me a pack of beers and some cigarrets ?? you kinda gave me a new reason to play ylands again (yes, I stopped playing it, but everyday I check forum to see what's going on). Like you said, this can be used to indicate treasure locations, etc etc. Thanks for this. Excited to see what new stuff you come up with.
  5. jchob

    Dev Diary #139 - New Menu

    Cool. But I wonder what "Bacon" map is about... ? https://images.app.goo.gl/CVpfdgcsfNtXCTg97
  6. jchob


    Also, me and others, are the ones who have been giving ideas and such for the team to make the game better. You should take a look around at the forum before you come scream out loud non-sense.
  7. jchob


    Sure, similar nicknames. Are you a friend, husband/ wife or same person? I know what criticism is, but do you know what" be polite" is? I accept all criticisms, but for that, the person must be polite or his/her criticism has no acceptance. I guess you don't know what is that yet. I was just the one who had the guts to tell that. Adam's role is to be polite and ignore unpolite people (like you did too, same as your friend) and help because he is the "dev team's face". Other way, I'm pretty sure he would answer you and your friend the same way I did. This ain't no place for kiddos. Accept my opinion as I accepted his criticism. I just don't accept people come here (like you) throwing stones, scream, without a little bit of respect. Sincerely, forget this post. It shouldn't even exist.
  8. jchob

    Dev Diary #138 - Announcing Naru's Corner

    You forgot about snake arcade machine ??
  9. jchob

    Dev Diary #138 - Announcing Naru's Corner

    Oh the crazy man with crazy hair ? Wait wait.. wait... the terrain table is actually that map terrain procedurally generated with raycasting? Can't wait to see that corner ??
  10. We had sharks before, but they were kinda bugged, so they were took out. Devs say we are going to have them back in future. As for sea monsters, some have already gave ideas about it. I'd love to see a kraken smashing ships. You can build underwater bases, that's for sure. As for maps, they were muuuuch bigger worlds. A map having a single yland is an option. You can have 5-7 maximum per map (it was 9-12 I think when worlds were bigger). We are waiting the worlds go bigger again. If you look around the forum, at suggestions/feedback and general discussion, you will find many info about the game.
  11. jchob


    Do you know how many people have been playing this for years? Many from the start, and myself around 2 years? Do you know how many times we lost weeks, months of work? Have you wondered about that? You are not the only one who has ever got frustrated. But your frustration shouldn't make you look a unrespectful person. I hope you understand that. Many of us understand your frustration, many of us have come here showing how hardly frustrated we were (and are), but always with respect and proper language. I'm just saying you did look bad on your "presentation". I'm not going to say everyone (because I don't know everyone around here), but we are a big family, friends, and most important, we try to respect others. Next time, instead, explain your problem and ask for help. Acting like that will probably make others think bad about you, and you probably are not a bad person at all. Now you know about a bug (like many others that are in the game), but give it a try again (and remember, don't use the hammer next time hammers tend to break stuff, not fix them). PS - sorry, I know I was rude, but I can't stand seeing others acting like that Also, Adam sorry about it too ?
  12. jchob


    Cool, whoever comes here with that behavior are no f ukin welcomed here (using your rage kiddo words). It just looked you are the one who has mental problems. Don't forget to unninstall the game and delete the forum account. I wonder what's wrong with the humans...
  13. I've seen many builders trying to simulate ropes. So here comes my idea. The idea is to make ropes mixing the energy system (the green line) and the path system game logic. It would act like a bezier curve (self explanatory, I think?) where then you could change the color. If that makes any sense ?
  14. jchob

    Ropes vs bezier curve

    @Houpyeap, but I meant builders and not scripters ? Anyway, that is a nice scripting "work around" but it should be more "user-friendly" for builders. That means, team has everything to make that possible, and I guess everyone would love to have that feature
  15. jchob

    Ropes vs bezier curve

    Yep, it's "just" replace the blue line for a rope texture. That is why I thought about it, the system is already made and they probably can re-use part of it.
  16. jchob

    "Hero" Steam Locomotive

    Wow, just wow
  17. jchob

    Sky Battlegrounds

    It's turning very cool. Good work ?
  18. jchob

    more Ilands as 6 or 7

    (This is not a question for this sub-forum, this is for tutorials. Your question should be placed in General Discussion). Anyway, I will answer it ? No, at the moment you can't have more than that. The world size and the amount of ylands have been reduced due to some technical issues. Developers team, say in future they want to bring back the bigger maps.
  19. jchob

    Dev Diary #137 - Future Editor Improvements

    Wow, the pivot setting and the custom controls for compositions are surely a great addition. You rock team ?
  20. jchob

    Potion effects

    I think someone already asked for this, because I remember taking part in the conversation (or maybe I'm mistaken, but it was surely a conversation about potions)
  21. jchob

    New swords / Animations

    Yeah, the animations are probably be the biggest issue (along with programming). I know the team can do it. Tell me team will try it. We can wait until Christmas ?? We have heard of NPCs being able to wield guns in future and that will be a game change for sure. @Adam Snellgroveyou are our voice to get to the dev team (some members are around here too, we know). Make them work hard, no sleep ?
  22. I think it would be cool to have swords and/or fire guns for both hands. This means, you held a sword/pistol (of same type) on each hand. Those being faster damage rate but less damage? The point is it would need new animations, and let's be real, it will look a lot more cool. For example, you find yourself surrounded by a lot of enemies and the faster rate by double weapons makes you feel better ? Just a basic idea, of course it can be tweaked in some way.. Let me know what you think
  23. Oh nice too see you made it. I have started a project like that too with actual "human-size" rooms. But I didn't have the patient to fix it (actually I haven't play ylands for like 3 months now) That can be used to create dungeons for a dungeon crawling type game or even a simple Maze game.
  24. jchob

    2 Handy Features for Exploration Mode

    So, if you have the hability to turn it on/off how it is different to hold down + key? Like Indomitus said, if you forget to disable it, the second you enter your house, you will auto pick ornaments. People are still waiting for items to be unpickable inside protection barrier, but still holding down a key would be a better option.
  25. jchob

    RESOLVED [YLD-24764] On range attack

    The point is to have a standard explore map. As you know, you can have create a standard exploration with simple scripts (without using game logics, because they do not work unless it is a editor map). Bows still have the "on range attack" event but I haven't try it since 1.3. But I guess they would work anyway. Why that event was taken from ranged guns? ??