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  1. Yes, it is only the haul (Large Ship), iron ladder (short) and wooden blocks(small square ones).
  2. So this one is kinda weird. It started happening after I placed my iron ladder(Short one) onto my ship. I had to break a few blocks to place it. But now when I go to place blocks in a way, it is denied saying there is no room. I even have a back wall to my ship I cannot place anything on it or near it. I did do a full game restart and it fixed maybe one or two spots, but the issue is still there. Not sure what else to do. Here is a video of what is taking place. Also I included the log file. Thank You Blindobi Blindobi_Ylands_2021-02-07_10-17-35.rar log_2021-02-07_161503clean.txt
  3. I am such an idoit... I got help from TheGamingChair on discord and they helped me.
  4. Hello, So I just reinstalled Ylands, I purchased the game back before it was part of Bohemia. When I started it said I have the exploration DLC. It seems to be half working. I got the ycoins and am able to join on a friend's world. But I cannot make my own and I noticed some buttons are missing. I attached an image for reference. Thank You Blindobi