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  1. Momon-san

    Skill Editor - Animation Duration

    Nope, there is no way to do that. I have no idea if that will be implemented in the future, but I can try to find out.
  2. Momon-san

    Skill Editor - Animation Duration

    Hello Start time and end time values are just determining when the animation will start and end. The animation itself will always play from the beginning. If you set the duration longer than is the length of the animation itself, it will just freeze on the last frame of the animation and stay that way till the end of the set length.
  3. Momon-san

    Dev Diary #180 Cooler Crafting

    Hey guys! I have uploaded the composition of the kitchen I put together for this dev diary to workshop, just so you could check out how its done for yourself. its been done on live version with no new assets, those are just wooden blocks, one for the cutting board is sunk into the counter, and the knife stand is a rotated block with some black pixel cubes to create the effect the "slots" for the knifes..^-^ https://create.ylands.com/asset_detail/11546 Its me, Naru, by the way.. I have somehow misplaced my login information, so I quickly signed up from my personal steam account..