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  1. NoNac

    Ylands ingame Name

    Did you check with the Team? I would just love to have the same Username everywhere I dont have access to the email anymore 😧 I would love if there is any possibility to get that Name.... tysm
  2. NoNac

    Ylands ingame Name

    Ok but it says the Name is not Available, i guess its from an old account of mine. Can I somehow still get that name?
  3. NoNac

    Name change

    I would love to change my Name from "Janik400" to "NoNac" but its already taken... i guess its from an old account of mine and idk how to find it Can you help me with that?
  4. NoNac

    Ylands ingame Name

    Hello, my account Name ist NoNac and i want my name in Ylands to be NoNac aswell. Is that possible?