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    UNDER REVIEW Periodic Freezing Gameplay

    Of Course! I hope this info helps with anything. If there is need of further system or otherwise information feel free to ask
  2. Hunterd442

    UNDER REVIEW Periodic Freezing Gameplay

    I just checked within my entire AppData directory including subdirectories and there was no Crashes folder. I only found 1 Ylands directory within LocalLow\Bohemia Interactive, which I have posted images of the locations where mentioned it should be and where I found the only Ylands directory in AppData. Thank you for the reply and investigation of these issues. Best Regards, Hunter
  3. Hello! First I want to say how wonderful the game's developement has been and I am grateful for everything everybody has done to make it to this point! Keep up the awesome work! Now for the issue at the title. While playing on Exploration mode, multiplayer mode enabled with or without any other players online the game will freeze and crash to desktop. This has been going on for a few days both before and after the most recent patch. Logs included as requested. Best Regards, Hunter output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt