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    Ship vanished after exit the game

    I've sended a message, and put a link to this post in case more explanation is needed. Oh ok. I hope that can be fixed in the next releases, or maybe show a warning the player to not exit the game while in the edge of the map. I thought it would be ok, because I had closed the game with the the boat and the ship spawned, and some times with only the ship, but I was nearby a island. I should had sailed back from the edge of the map... That would be very nice, I have a blueprint of the ship, and a rough idea of the resources that was in it, at least the most important ones.
  2. Leonardo Amaral dos Santos

    Ship vanished after exit the game

    I've tried to change from region with a boat and a ship with no success. I closed the game while inside of ship(which was unclaimed), when I've entered in the game again my ship was gone. I was playing explore mode, and didn't played a single multiplayer map. I had a ship with almost all workstation, chest with a lot of resources, a bed which was my spawn point and lots of ylandiun. The ship was powered by 3 ylandium engine, and I had all the components to make a charger station in a box, so I could build a charger station near the engines and charge then. Due update, a new item was added in the charge station recipe, which I hadn't. My engines got depleted and my ship couldn't move more, a mast with sail wasn't an option because my ship was too tall. So I build a boat and used it to go around visiting the Islands, I've claimed the ship, unsummon it and summoned back near the Island, everything worked fine til I had to change from the region. I sailed to the edge of the map, summoned my ship, unclaimed it, claimed the boat, unsumoned it, and couldn't change from region, tried the same thing with the boat with no success. So I summoned the ship, unclaimed it, tried to change the region again and failed, so I closed the game. Next time I logged in the game was in a Island far away from where I've had logged off, with the boat, couldn't summon my ship, and when I got to the same place in the edge of the map there was clone of my boat, with basket in it and everything I had in the boat that I was using, but no ship. Is there a way to get my ship back? I wont make another, I've spent a dozen hours building it and collecting resources.