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    Large core count results in black screen hang

    Thanks Anna, Power supply is a Corsair Professional HX850, so should have plenty of power for the 5900X and 6800XT. Certainly haven't had any problems running more intense games like Arma3, DayZ, theHunter, and GTA5. I have also tried running Prime95 stress test for 2 hours without any issue either. Will send a feedback message shortly. Cheers
  2. Hi there, I've recently upgraded from an AMD 2600X to a 5900X and very much enjoying it, but unfortunately when playing my beloved Ylands it now black screens and hangs completely. All USB power drops off (all my RGB non-sense stops - so can prove that), and the power button no longer works to kill it. I have to turn off at the plug outlet. I've tested turning off various hardware settings since the upgrade to see if that helps. No other games crash, including other Unity-powered games. Things I have tried: Dropping DDR profiles to non-overclocked Rolling back AMD drivers to May's stable version (was running October's 22.10.3) Monitored airflow and temps for CPU and GPU - nothing extreme happening Running in Ubuntu with Proton Finally, I disabled SMT (hyper-threading) mode on the CPU and dropped the core count from 24 to 12. Since doing this, Ylands no longer crashes. Can it be that Ylands cannot cope with large core counts? Thanks, BertiiTheHero DxDiag x12.txt output_log x24.txt output_log_clean x24.txt