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    Community Corner #5

    I also have been annoyed by the notification over the item detail button! I have spent a long time in the Arid zone taking apart rods for metal pieces, and a good long while was waiting for the notifications to go away so I could click the item detail button on the next rod in my bag to break down. I Love that this is available, it gives you slightly earlier access to Iron. I also have been frustrated by inventory containers opening rather than just letting me take stuff from the "Vicinity" tab continually. I have to click on an item in the inventory or another empty space to see the vicinity again. Love the idea of being able to add map notes to the icons! Add a clock to the HUD! Or a sphere that spins and changes from a moon to a sun and back as the day progresses. I'd like to keep track of how much day/night time left. Add a Weather indicator to the HUD. With some graphics settings, you can't really tell what the weather is. Although, I have seen every once in a while a chat notification of clouds or something, not sure what that was. It would make catching mythics slightly easier for those on low graphics. Add a Minimap to the HUD! Preferably with the option to turn on if you want to or have it off if you don't. It would also be nice if the things that you add to your ship such as Sonar, Speedometer, etc. were also added to your HUD while you are driving so that you don't have to stop driving to check the distance to the next underwater encounter. Make the Underwater Mines actually have a different icon on the Ship Compass, but make it actually show up instead of having to search everywhere for something that honestly isn't super productive yet. Perhaps eventually if/when we can have the ability to mine underwater they could be SUPER lucrative. For now though, they seem like a waste of time. I often get lost, spend waaaay too long, and leave with very little even though I take everything I can find. (I've also died several times before I got the Alien Diving Suit). Make the Underwater Repellent Last longer or have an upgraded version of them or the actual device itself. I think I spend at least half of my time underwater. Perhaps more! I enjoy the underwater experience. Well, except for those pesky Animals I can only scare away for a very short while and then they just come right back. I understand this is a mechanic you are using to perhaps keep people like myself from just diving the whole day long! I think it would be great to be able to make them go away. Perhaps not permanently get rid of them, but, it would be nice to be able to have more than just a minute or two before they are just right back on top of you. There are no other creatures like this, only in the water. I've tried to shoot them from my boat, but, you can't harm them at all. The oceans are huge so, it's understandable that you would never be left alone for that long, something else would take it's place. But, maybe 5 or 10 minutes? I also know I can build a device that gives a radius effect. I usually bring enough to build 10-12 of them at a time when I dive. These are a great help as well for getting ocean floor stuff, but not helpful when swimming around for fish as it won't reach high enough most of the time. Oh, it would also be nice if the Fish Repellent Flare would go in your Tool Box since, it is a very necessary tool that I feel very vulnerable without on a dive! I would also like to make the suggestion of an UNDO button for maybe the last action or two. I keep accidentally removing pieces I don't mean to remove because things are sunk into them. I'd love to be able to just UNDO the last thing and put it back rather than having to go find it, then make sure it fits correctly, then paint it again... waaahhhh! cry! I know players gonna whine... I LOVE THIS GAME!! (Even though I did just lose a whole herb bag full of Kelp Fiber in the new update.)