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  1. Silwercastle

    Small survival base expands.

    Changed the top part of the roof direction, does this look better ?
  2. Silwercastle

    Small survival base expands.

    This might look more like what I want it to look like if the stone bricks could be replaced by cobblestone. The scenario is as follow... group of stranded build a fence for protection from animals then add a lookout tower. Later they expand the tower to give them better housing and then ......
  3. As the title says, or try to, placing the cursor over a block in game and pressing "P" (example) and then having the block you have selected copy its exact position/angle. Example: Selected roof tile turn from horizontal to vertical like the same roof tile position you have just placed. Placing lots of blocks that need to be in a difficult position can turn into a building pain if you can not always place them all in the same time because of things like, removing hunger, need to make more blocks of that type, block swapping and removing misplaced blocks.
  4. Silwercastle

    While they were sleeping...

    You craft the key in the blacksmith furnace
  5. Silwercastle

    Sneak Peek #46

    You are lucky my game just give me a "am not saving this crap, try again.."
  6. Silwercastle

    Non verbal chat im MP

    Hope you do not have a case of GSS (Grand Sunken Ship) as is sound like you have a pvp server you are playing on. Better keep you head low and vigilance high.
  7. Silwercastle

    While they were sleeping...

    The PB can be passed through it only purpose is to stop people other than the player that placed it from breaking blocks in it. Edit: Crafting a key and you can lock you door to the enclosed building and it should be safe........ I think .... not mp player.
  8. Silwercastle

    Stone Arches? Any Ideas

    Until a advanced builder arrive to help, here is a suggestion. Bit rough but I think you should get the idea. Using medium 30 and 45 degree angle corners. Hope this help a bit.
  9. Silwercastle

    What is this 0.7 release new I hear of?

    Agree on that one One side of me thinks that it might not be really much of an update anyway as they keep on talking about .8 most of the time.
  10. Silwercastle

    Sneak Peek #46

    No, after seeing that they are going to have another sneak peak before the update I think we are looking rather at something like 14-16th.
  11. Silwercastle

    What is this 0.7 release new I hear of?

    Nope, think he meant butterflies so we can look at them all day long.
  12. Silwercastle

    What is this 0.7 release new I hear of?

    @Whane The Whip looks to be a bit more "crossed" than just his legs, but that goes with being a "Whip" right
  13. Silwercastle

    What is this 0.7 release new I hear of?

    Eish... i can still remember, thanks @Ane . Now the rest of us can still see who guess the release date correct, right ?
  14. Silwercastle

    What is this 0.7 release new I hear of?

    @Ane Correct my bad memory if i am wrong, i think you said "early February" right ? Thus my bet is on next Friday 9 Feb, any takers .....
  15. Silwercastle

    Release month of .7 has arrived

    Only Kimbuck and Energritz looking forward to the release of .7 ...... ? No hype ??