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  1. Theres a lot more people using cloud servers, i have a friend with one server at gtxgaming and he said doesnt have any problems all running good. Open support ticket with your host asking them to fix the problem.
  2. Theres no fix delivered to anywhere, im downloading files directly from steamcmd and still broken, even trying to generate a new world file, nothing works. Dev's don't read this or didnt realized that its still broken ?? EDIT: running as administrator worked for me (be sure to update from steam for latest files)
  3. Even on a new server, when i start it, starts and 10 seconds after force closes and creates an empty Crashes.BIN file, nothing else, anyone having same issue ?
  4. None of our servers are working also, any news on this ?
  5. ruizit0

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    Great news! glad you guys worked it out!
  6. ruizit0

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    damn! just ordered a extra dedicate machine to host couple ylands for my community :\ any eta when this will be fixed ?
  7. ruizit0

    Dedicated Server Files ?

    yeah, i saw, mid January, too late, without community servers game will be dead by then :\
  8. ruizit0

    Dedicated Server Files ?

    One last question, this is only GUI driven ? I can't see any settings files or commandline commands so i can manage the servers automatically in batch instead of going to GUI, setup server, start or stop server, etc, only GUI driven or im missing something?
  9. He guys! Less than 24 hours of release, I assume things didn't change and dedicated server files will not be included on steam distribution right ? I want to start to create servers for my community, should be safe to create them with this version shared on DS FAQ https://data.bistudio.com/ylands/YlandsDS.zip or will exist a more updated one on release day ? Thanks and good luck for launch!