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    Fatal Login Error

    Good morning! Brand new user. Just bought the game off of steam and installed right away. Have not played Ylands before. Upon starting, I immediately get a black screen with a blue box and the following message: "FATAL LOGIN ERROR /Steam init: Code: 0 API Code: Message: SteamAPI init failed" Happens if I launch Ylands from shortcut, or from my Steam library directly, or from the ylands.exe. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have used the "Verify files" option from the game properties within my Steam library. When I search on the internet, I see at least two other users that had this, or a similar problem, but their forum entries simply end with them saying it was resolved, with no details to a solution. I also attached a copy of a screenshot of the error. Ghelmaron
  2. Ghelmaron

    Fatal Login Error

    Hey all! I am back from work. Tried the game as soon as I got home and encountered the same problem. Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, which I had done previously mind you. THIS time when I start the game, I get a notification from Comodo, my security software that the game was "isolated" and I get the same error screen. Close out of the error window, go into Comodo and "unblock" ylands. Run it again and . . . it works! As of my typing this, I have not played yet, but I do get to the main menu screen. Happy happy joy joy. Will post if I have any other issues. Ghelmaron
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    Fatal Login Error

    Here is a copy of my DxDiag.txt. I only have about 50 minutes to provide further assistance, as I then need to leave to go to work. DxDiag.txt
  4. Ghelmaron

    Fatal Login Error

    Thank you, Ane! I appreciate the prompt reply.
  5. Ghelmaron

    Fatal Login Error

    In case it helps, my Ylands game folder is 1.13GB in size, with 11 folders and 74 files. I have also tried right-clicking on ylands.exe and use "Run as Administrator" and encounter the same issue.