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  1. Jaci

    Is it good

    Its worth it in my book. I don't remember the last time I've had this much fun and I'm still in survival mode.
  2. Jaci

    Keralis is amazing with Ylands

    Keralis is by far my favorite YouTuber. His creations inspire me to try harder at building. He makes it all look so easy.
  3. I think some may buy EA games expecting it to be like a final release maybe not understanding it is still a work in progress. The game will continue to get better as time goes on, however I must say I am enjoying it a lot ...bugs and all. Even the bugs can sometimes be funny and if all else fails you can restart so not a biggie. So I have to agree with the sentiment to be patient OP.
  4. Sometimes when I quit the game Windows 10 says the game is not responding so I have to force close to exit. All seems well in my game when I restart so it's not a big issue..however I did want to mention it.
  5. Jaci

    Climate Change

    Yes, I rolled the dice and finally found an island I am happy with. It is tropical but with way less forest this time around. In my defense I must say, some of us ladies don't like the big bad forest or those nasty dark caves lol. Thanks everyone.
  6. Jaci

    Climate Change

    Thank you Kimbuck, I will continue to roll the dice then. I was beginning to think we could only get the rain forest/tropical biome to begin. I agree the storms are a bit much. My avatar is currently stuck in the forest with a rainstorm actively going and I can't see to get out. I will likely die before daylight lol.
  7. Jaci

    Climate Change

    Is there any way to start in exploration mode that's not a tropical biome? I have tried starting many times and I always end up in a tropical rainforest type setting. It rains all the time and its harder to see in the jungle.
  8. Jaci

    Quick bar

    I would like to suggest that items not automatically fill up your quick bar. It can be frustrating to set your bar with items you need... then have items you pick up automatically replace them with things you don't need..such as grass etc. Perhaps there is a way and I've just missed it? Sidenote: love the game