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    RESOLVED [YLD-7927] Interact/Harvest Bug

    Yep, killing the horse fixed it!
  2. izeplays

    RESOLVED [YLD-7927] Interact/Harvest Bug

    I bet this is really the problem...the horse. i remember havin a horse, never feed it since i tamed it..and the first to not react to me. i bet that's it! horse hunger bug
  3. izeplays

    RESOLVED [YLD-7927] Interact/Harvest Bug

    Yep, single player. And i also started a new world and everything functions as it should. Maybe they find out what causes a world/save to bug out like that. Hope it doesn't happen to my actual save now.
  4. izeplays

    RESOLVED [YLD-7927] Interact/Harvest Bug

    There you go. output_log_clean.txtoutput_log_clean.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. izeplays

    RESOLVED [YLD-7927] Interact/Harvest Bug

    Thanks. I deleted my char, still can't interact with furnace, drawer, wheel etc.... i just tried to lay in a coffin, didn't work, but like half a minute later i get the notification, that it is too steep to lie down, when i was walking somewhere else...
  6. Hi Guys! i started the game, everything went fine till i destroyed my first loom and wheel to move elsewhere on the island. Cant interact with either of the new ones, also not with the new build smelting furnace. And when i harvest f.e. iron, no ore appears until a few minutes later they all laying where they should appear in the first place. Cant interact with fire or horse either.... maybe huge lag? I don't know...right clicked on furnace and waited a few minutes...nothing. Still a great game, looking forward to no bugs! Regards