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  1. Also experienced the same issue when logging out. The first time it happened, i think my friend was hosting the game. I'd crafted a vehicle and then at some point, upon returning to the game, the vehicle had gone. More relevantly, the 2nd time was on our dedicated server. I'd crafted just the chassis and then logged out for the night. After returning today, the chassis has disappeared I don't have the logs as i don't control the server, but i'll get my friend to pass them on when i get hold of him..
  2. -Shojiki-

    Recipe for Medieval windows *consumes* Hammer?

    They just removed the consumption of hammers when creating repair kits with the last update. Hopefully the same will be applied to other items that consume them!
  3. Where did you learn this? Seems a bit of a strange design decision if true... Specifically the starvation part i mean..
  4. Not a bad idea at all.... *starts rebuilding his spare computer* How do you find building ships etc when joining the game? Does it still bug out (invisible objects etc)?
  5. -Shojiki-

    How do you dye the ship sails?

    If this is correct, then i am a happy bunny! Will check it out later EDIT: This is correct.. I am a happy bunny..
  6. I don't think dedicated servers are currently in a usable state, if at all.. This, as well as the bugs you mentioned, are being worked on by the devs as we speak, from what i've read... Not sure what the plans are for clean up of items though. I generally tidy up after myself when harvesting to reduce any performance issues caused by litter.
  7. -Shojiki-

    Can't switch to engines on ship.

    You may have already figured this out too, but for anyone else reading, you need to *hold* the RMB to switch to engines, as opposed to just clicking RMB, which will indeed release control of the helm
  8. -Shojiki-

    RP_EvoCity_YL - WIP

    I'd love to join this. I've been hoping there would be some RP opportunities and i like what you've done so far! How do i apply?
  9. -Shojiki-

    How do you dye the ship sails?

    I think the paintgun dyes the sails AND the mast all the same colour. Admittedly i haven't tested much, but this was what i found when i tried it..
  10. -Shojiki-


    I posted a similar thread on Reddit but sadly didn't get a response. So far, after extensive testing, i've been unable to transport a car by ship. As you said, the car stays static whilst the ship moves under it. I also tried "blocking" the car's movement by placing a log on the deck behind it. This resulted in the whole ship getting stuck once the log hit the car... So at this point, there doesn't seem to be a way to do it.. It's strange though, as i have successfully transported a raft on top of a car. The implementation of ship vs car movement and how objects "attach" themselves must be different. Maybe a dev can answer?
  11. Hoping one of the ylands team can answer this question... For a while now, i've been looking into procedural landscape generation using voxels/marching cubes in Unity, specifically low poly, smooth terrain that is editable at runtime. As you can imagine, i was delighted to learn about Ylands since it showed that what i was envisioning, could indeed be done effectively! However, my question is, did you guys develop your own voxel engine for the landscape generation, or source one from a third party? I totally understand that you may not want to give away any "trade secrets", but i would love a discussion on the techniques used to create the worlds in Ylands. The water effects are especially impressive... Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated by this budding game developer..
  12. -Shojiki-

    updated survival tips for new Ylanders

    Don't the weapons have different swing speeds though? Would it not be better to measure the effectiveness based on how long it takes to kill an animal rather than how many hits? I *thought* the sabre had a faster swing speed, but i could be wrong...
  13. -Shojiki-

    stone chunks?

    A pick or a spade should do the trick.. As suggested, go up some mountains and give it a shot. Spade will dig faster and a wider area.
  14. -Shojiki-

    [SPOILER ALERT] Numbers on ship sails and engines

    Just drop the engine on your ship, fuel it up and you're good to go And it's very satisfying too!