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    RESOLVED Download / Installation Error

    Hello Berzeger I looked into the the Logfile myselfe, and found out that it failed downloading the following. (http://cds.d9p2z2c8.hwcdn.net/356ee821d2c446816ac63a7c4f9abfd7e034999e/Actor_Unisex) The Problem was, that the download got blocked through our Firewall. Thanks for your help, I was able to fix it now Greeds CreepyCauliflower
  2. Hello Dev Team. I recently found out about this game and because of that I wanted to try the free Trial. So I decided to create an Account, and download the free trial game. I opened the installer, which had no problems to install the Launcher. But when I logged in at the launcher itself, it failed downloading the Assets. The Error was: DOWNLOAD FAILED ACTOR_UNISEX Could you please help me or fix that? (I allready tryed to reinstall the game, but it didnt work) Thanks