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  1. Hello, I encountered quite a nasty issue earlier this evening. I logged out while designing a ship and when I came back I was killed by "unknown reasons". I respawned on an island that wasn't the main spawn island (the default island everyone starts on, and where my base was). When I finally returned to my home, I found that the Ylandium protective barrier no longer belonged to me, but belonged to my previous character that had the same name. I find this particularly annoying since I have spent many days building up my home, and no longer have ownership of any of it. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. I also experience this issue. In fact, it happened to me and ImmortalShows at about the same time as we were logging in together last night.
  3. What's odd about mine is it doesnt even show the loading text at the bottom, I only get the spinning circle there.
  4. Update: this appears to be server specific or something. Some servers I can join but others will never load in, with the loading screen bugged out in a similar fashion to the original server. The server I first experienced this on is Official NA Exploration 24.
  5. It seems that on all the servers I've joined thus far, there may be only one or two clay deposits on the starter island. Usually early players have stripped these few mines dry by the time later ones join. Either that or I am seriously bad at finding the stuff. Is there anyone else who may have tips for finding it or is having the same trouble finding it?
  6. When playing last night, a boat I built became a black silhouette, and when I touched it my game crashed. I tried logging into this server later and it asked me to make a new character. I did this, and was then taken to a limitless loading screen. The loading messages still appear at the top of the screen and the wheel at the bottom still spins, but without a percentage indicator. I tried force quitting and rejoining several times, and even left it running for about 20 minutes to no avail.