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    How to get more Ylandium dust?

    Well I gave it a few more hours but no new corrupted animals spawned, and I found no new Ylands. I had to end up spawning in 5 pieces of Ylandium dust in the Editor, so I could at least build the Charging Station. I really think something must be rebalanced - to be able to find only a total of 25 dust on the entire map is ridiculous considering the number of things that can be crafted with it.
  2. Neamow13

    How to get more Ylandium dust?

    Well I spent some time and thanks to the last update's system where it tells you there are no further islands in a certain direction I was able to find two more. One had just a dinky little cave with no corrupted animals in, but the second one has a decent cave with three corrupted hyenas. I've waited for about an hour, but no more spawned - how long do you think it takes to spawn more?
  3. Hi guys, I'm ready to start getting into energy related stuff but I am really low on Ylandium - I only have 25 dust! I explored all the 7 Ylands on my map, 2 didn't even have caves worth a damn, and those that have decent caves only had like 2-3 corrupted animals. Only one cave was deep enough to have Ylandium crystals, but I found only 2 (and ground those into the dust). However I ran out of Ylands, ran out of caves, and it seems I ran out of corrupted animals? Do they not respawn? Is there any way to get more Ylandium dust? I can't even make the Charging Station!
  4. Hi guys, I noticed that pretty much in every instance there are some steeper hills on an Yland, they are in the shape of the Czech Republic. Now it can work OK in some cases, like this Yland: But for the terrain generator tends to overuse it sometimes, for example on this Polar Desert Yland: It's just a huge mass of Czech Republics next to each other. Now I am not sure why you don't have a custom hill terrain generator, maybe this is just a placeholder, but I would say it really takes me out of the game to see a solid grid of the same terrain over and over again.
  5. Can confirm killing the horse did it for me as well. Poor Steel - killed in the name of science.
  6. I have the same problem in one of my worlds, happened after my first death.
  7. Hi all! When you are building anything, you can press H to rotate, and right-click to change the axes of rotation. However I noticed that when building items that are not crafted in-inventory, but build right into the world (like doors, braziers, crafting stations...), right-clicking in this scenario cancels the build, so we cannot change the axis of rotation. This makes it impossible to rotate these items on two axes, only in one. It also makes it impossible to make good-looking and functional double doors Is it possible to fix this? Thanks!
  8. Neamow13

    RESOLVED Teleport Bug

    I had something similar on the hut that has two ladders: one to go to the main floor, and one to go to the attic space. When I clicked on the bottom ladder, it took me straight to the attic space, as if I clicked on the second ladder as well. It stopped doing that when I reloaded the save.
  9. Hello! I noticed a little bit of an annoying thing with the inventory: if you are moving items between inventories, the same items will not stack together until they first enter the inventory. For example I have a chest with 5 grass, and want to move the 5 more grass in my inventory to the chest. Regardless of whether I right-click it in or drag-and-drop, it never stacks with the existing grass, and goes to a new slot, and only then I can click and move them to stack them together. Similar thing with the seedbox for example - if I am moving seeds from a chest to a seedbox in my inventory, I have to first move the seeds to my inventory and then to the seedbox, it cannot be done in one drag-and-drop move. Fixing this would be a nice QoL time-saver. Thanks!
  10. Well I just discovered that on the second reload, the original old map also starts mapping with the new character. So that is good, but there are definitely some shenanigans with the maps not mapping until a save reload.
  11. Hi guys! So I died and of course that means I only had the previous map left. The no new terrain is mapped on the map with the new character - not sure if that is also a bug or that is intended behaviour. However what is definitely a bug is that if I craft a new map, terrain will not start mapping on it until I reload the save, and then of course, being a new map, has nothing revealed. First I would love for the new map bug to be fixed, but also as a feature request one of these: 1. Either allow us to continue mapping with the old map. 2. Or allow us to combine the old and new map - "learning" what my predecessor discovered and adding it to my new map. Thanks!