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  1. When you first open up the game it prompts you to create an avatar and name, this is rather a bad idea for those who already have created an account. I have not played since alpha and am super excited to return however it says my name is taken. My name is very unique and I am quite sure I have already had it linked to my BI account. Is there someone I can contact to fix this? Also I tried linking my account on mobile first but it said the account is already taken and can link. Well the BI account is mine so of course it's taken. This login process is overall very confusing and cumbersome. Anyway, so today I decided to try it out on my laptop where I originally first played with my 'xdeadstepx' account I tried linking my account again and it worked but I linked it with the mobile (which doesn't make since since it told me it was not able to link the account in the first place) so now I don't have my coins or the 2 premium items. Please help . I also tried to change my name on BI but it said it was taken as well really odd I've never had anyone take my name lol.
  2. Hey Ylands devs!! Loving your game so far and of course as it is in early access there is always room for improvement. I am suggesting that the items get a better stacking system. For example when I want to move items to a storage container it does not automatically stack them. If I already had grass per say in the storage and now I want to move more grass into the storage there are now to stacks of grass instead of one. Also in our inventory and storages it would be wonderful if we were given an option to sort/stack my items, possibly alphabetized? I hate spending time moving my items around. Finally, could there be a hold right click and drag to drop all items while in inventory, I know you can choose how much but this way it's quicker. Same goes with destroying items it is really annoying that I have to destroy each item one by one, I get a lot of items laying around and are in the way after playing for a while. Thanks!
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    Inventory & Storage Stacking/Sorting

    Thanks!! I found someone doing this in a stream, I wish I would have found out sooner.
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    Item Order When Crafting

    Yeah i think it would be much better if it was just alphabetized