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    One thing that is very much needed is an area of effect around the attacking animals in melee combat. As it is now, unless you are in an absolutely bare spot when attacked, you are more likely to whack plants and then their seeds, or glowing mushrooms or rocks, than you are the attacking animal. To put it mildly, this is seriously frustrating, especially in caves where you need much higher hit points to kill off mutated beasties. Inevitably I kill off all the glowing mushrooms in the area, then the glowing beasties kill me. This same principle is also needed when chopped trees spew out their contents -- when you pick up the logs and resin and other bits, it is extremely annoying to pick up all the plants in the area as well, even if you take utmost care trying to avoid vacuuming them up. You end up denuding whole areas of forest undergrowth -- which I like to preserve, especially in the tropical biome. I end up replanting a great deal of vegetation because of this. If there could be some pick-up preference created for recently generated items, that would be a godsend!
  2. When building on a ship or large ship, the basic hull sways with the action of waves. When you are placing elements on the ship to build it out, they also follow this wave movement, not the movement of the ship, and so when they are placed they do not align with each other -- they are slightly off-axis from one another. The more complex the construction on the ship, more and more of these slightly off-axis elements are created, until it becomes very difficult to keep any semblance of axial placement. Trying to place an element can cause massive stuttering as the item tries to align itself with all these slightly off-axis elements which are already in place. Building on the ship becomes a jitter-fest. There are slight gaps and unevenness in decks and in the cabins, and railings are a bit wonky and generally nothing really fits together as it should, simply because of the wave motion interfering with placement. And once you are finished building, moving your character around in the ship creates stuttering motion all the time, because it is reacting to the dozens of slightly off-kilter axes created by all these slightly off-axis build elements. So, all that said, what you definitely need to implement is some way to stop the boat from moving while building is going on, -- it can be as simple as the anchor is lowered when the hull is crafted, and the ship therefore does not move until the anchor is raised. But something needs to be done about this, as it makes the whole ship-building part of the game a nightmare.
  3. As the title states, I believe the item labelled "wooden desk" -- which is a crafted 2x3 block of wood 1 tile thick -- is a typo and that actually a "wooden deck" is intended. This may seem a minor issue that has flown under the radar, but these wood pieces are among the most-used building items and mislabeling this piece will doubtless confuse a number of new players -- it certainly gave me pause when building for the first time.
  4. First off, great game! I've been digging sand from the shallows around my home base to make glass for windows. I've dug about 500 units of sand and have removed some small islets as well with shovel and pick. (I need lots of windows!) Three problems have occurred: one, the sea level in the area around where I have excavated has dropped and will not fill in. There is a prominent ridge line in the bay showing the drop in sea level and the shorelines have been exposed. Secondly, the shells and coral and sea urchins that were once on the bottom now float above the water in the area where the water level has dropped after I excavated the sand. I've gone through the area to destroy them, hoping that this would unblock the sea level, but it remains depressed. Third, there is a weird kind of M.C. Escher thing going on, where if I flatten a sand bank to a given level, certain areas do not fill in with a shovel but are sort of like black holes, or singularities, and I can then remove another layer from the layer that was just removed, but the actual level of the spot does not drop. However, this does lower the sea level even more in that area. Also, unrelated to this and not a bug but a gameplay issue: removing building materials after the 2-minute set time is very tedious, quite literally a hit-or-miss proposition, and incredibly time-consuming. There should be some better method to remove constructions we are not happy with, other than flailing randomly at it with a hammer for minutes on end, hoping we will hit our target and not smash the rest. Not. Fun. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt