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  1. murzol

    How to make a sewing kit ?

    oh nice thanks !
  2. My character went invisible when I was chopping a tree (the tree was on the ground), the only way to fix it was relogging into the game. My hands were visible in first person thought. Sadly impossible to reproduce the bug.
  3. I searched too much time, im done now x) help me, thanks !
  4. murzol

    How to find other islands ?

    ohh i can craft a map ? I didnt know, needs to find how to craft it now ! no spoils please thanks
  5. Hello So I tried to find another island in explore mode but after sailing for a good 30 mins or more I started freezing and died. I saw somewhere that I have to search for birds but I didnt saw any.
  6. murzol

    RESOLVED Furnace bugged

    no let me try oh nice thanks a lot !!
  7. murzol

    RESOLVED Furnace bugged

    Hello, The furnace doesnt work or im doing something bad ? I do the iron craft, light it but the timer stay blocked at 1 min and nothing happen Help !