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  1. 777eza

    Performence with 980 TI?

    Sorry not a lot of info given to help you. it should run fine I have a 1080SC but even that is overkill. tho low fps could be caused by anything temp, drivers, other apps running not to mention your other hardware (ram,cpu,etc).
  2. 777eza

    Is there a plugin platform?

    While I'm not a Dev or Staff just a random Joe I'd say probably in the future as of right now I don't think there's anything. But in the roadmap they show "Modding support" and "The ability to create all kinds of different game types" so the future looks good.
  3. Less of a bug more of a lack of categorization. The x bow crossbow, and x bow crossbow pistol aren't categorized under the weapons tab in the editor. The only way to get them is in the show everything/search tab. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Good to know there not in explore because I was trying everything to find them. I can stop looking now
  5. So I've been playing the explore gamemode, built me a large ship . but can't figure out how to craft the aft and fore hull pieces for it any help would be appreciated.