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  1. Noctally

    Dev Diary #25

    First of all, thank you Ylands Devs Team for all the hard work and making a very unique game, that allows players to unleash their inner creative beasts. I just can't wait to see some friendly or not NPCs in game and yes combat system fixes are essential, so please make it work properly before adding new things to the game. Also, thank you Ylands players for creating so many beautiful things. Your ships, houses and inventions are breathtaking and inspiring. Ok, here's my ugly list of things, which I find the most annoying and game ruining. 1. Lack of physics. In other words, things don't fall. The only things that fall down are: player's character and animals in caves (fall and land on top of player). Other things, such as logs, seeds, pieces of wood just hang in the air, spoiling the view. Second issue with physics, some items placed on ship don't move with the ship. I realized that, when I decided to plant some trees and bushes in the pots I placed on my ship's deck. They all left behind (waving me goodbye when I was leaving dock). Water physics is a separate chapter. Water in Ylands doesn't "act" like water should. It should fill all the holes and adjust to the shape of terrain, but it simply disappears, making ugly holes in the ocean and on the land it just vanishes, when you dig or flat the land. It would be great to be able to create water bodies in game, such as ponds, small lakes, waterfalls and rivers, also to store water in various containers and perhaps use it in some new recipes? 2. Insane animals, means horrible movement animation, creatures stucking in objects, stucking in holes, spawning inside of human built structures, stucking in the water or just floating in the sky, animals freezing while attacking player (like they couldn't decide what to do) or just running like crazy in random directions for no particular reason. Horse riding feels more like horse driving (when horse is an old rusty Soviet tank). 3. Player stucks in the objects. Restarting game or damaging the structure that player is trapped in sometimes help, but usually it means game over, which is painful after many hours of playing in particular world. 4. Too many similar items. Precisely, there are too many items that in player's inventory look very similar (or exactly the same), that includes various types of seeds, wooden items, things made of hay and so on. Having more variety of textures and item icons in inventory would be helpful. Here some of you will say "you can always read the item description". Well, I don't know if the game is already translated to all known by humanity languages. And perhaps some people who don't understand English would like to play Ylands too? Maybe kids, who don't read well would like to play Ylands as well? Which means images representing particular objects, items and devices should be clear and readable for everyone. And here's a short list of my New Year ideas and tiny improvements that I'd like to see in game (I realize others probably requested some of these things before). 1.Male and female mannequin to display sets of armour and various outfits. There are so many fantastic wearable items, which we can additionally dye to create even more sets. Sure we can stuff them all inside of containers, but it would be great to make them more accessible (and some people could finally stop making friends of sticks and stones). Adding mannequins shouldn't be difficult, since male and female body models are already in game. We just need them to be possible to make of different craftable materials, such as wood, stone, marble, maybe even ice. 2. Craftable floating buoy to mark interesting spots in the areas covered with water. Such buoy would emit light, which would make it visible from some distance and after placing this type of item on the water it would appear on player's map as some sort of sign, a dot or other symbol. 3. Wallpapers. I noticed there's not much use for paper in the game, while paper itself is easy and super cheap to make, so theoretically we could flood the world with paper stuff, but we can't, cause there are no recipes. We can craft maps and what else? It would be great to be able to craft wallpapers with different patterns, to decorate walls. Perhaps players could create and upload their own patterns or buy some awesome wallpapers from the Yland store in the future? And that's all I think. I hope I didn't bore anyone to death. Have a great 2018 year everyone! Stay healthy and creative. Cheers!
  2. Noctally

    Ylands on Steam

    Hi everyone. The same story here, I bought the game on Ylands website ages ago and now I want to add it to my Steam account. I already sent message with my email address to Ane and I am waiting for response. Cheers!
  3. Hello? Guys, I sent requested files to both of you and still no answer.
  4. Hello, I sent you requested files a couple of days ago in a private message and I didn't receive any response so far.
  5. Hi guys. I just bought the game and what a disappointment. I wanted to play it, but obviously I can't, cause each time I try to start a game and log in to my account, the launcher simply crashes. I don't get any error info, so idk what is going on. I got win 10 OS. I tried to install and run the game on my older computer, which has win 8.1 operating systems and it downloaded and updated game launcher without problems. Game runs but I can't play it anyway, cause obviously it needs more ram or better graphic card. I wanted to try to change settings and play in lower quality, but I see there's no way to skip the tutorial, however I didn't plan to play on that older computer and I just want the game to run properly in Windows 10. Any ideas? I will be grateful for help.