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  1. Florda

    Sneak Peek #45

    I'm totally fine with a new world update no matter the consequence as I build pretty simple things so far, but i do wonder if it's known what would happen to old worlds? I'm not wanting to ask for details you don't want to divulge, just wondering if you knew about this yet?
  2. Just to throw in my opinion. I definitely want to see hollow ships. I think the cost of the ship is pretty fair and wouldn't need to be changed. If an inside area was created though, would you prefer it to be bare bones or would you care to see a bit of pre fab work done? Like a simple floor and ceiling that looks like it belongs on a ship? Personally I want totally empty so I could have a sort of hidden treasure passage or something like that.
  3. Florda

    Placing Crates

    So I came back to the game after a few hours and tried placing the boxes again. No luck. However, I tried placing stone blocks where I wanted the boxes to go and they placed no problem. I then removed the blocks and was able to place the boxes. I'm not sure why this works, this should probably still be fixed, but I found a temporary work around.
  4. Florda

    Placing Crates

    I built a warehouse just yesterday and placed some crates on some test shelves and it worked. So I fill the warehouse with these shelves and today I cannot place the crates! And I've tried every way of placing them. Is this something that can be fixed in the future or do I need to figure a different way to do this? I don't mind being patient, thank you! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt