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    I wanted to ask about something I have heard and noticed. I'm not sure if this is the cause or not but I have been told that if you tame a horse in multiplayer it messes up the other animal AI like wolves and bears etc on your Yland to where they will not respawn or attack you. Is the wildlife supposed to respawn? It can make it difficult to get animal hide for leather and is a source of food for survival game modes. I also wanted to throw out there it would be cool to have chickens for eggs as well as troughs to feed your horses. I know you guys have overwhelming requests for content and I am sure this has already been mentioned, but I just wanted to be sure. It would be cool to see bigger Ylands with new biomes and infinite exploration since there technically is a limited amount of resources in survival, once a Yland is exhausted of its ore you go on to the next one, until you have hit your 10-12 then you need to start a new game. Also with hostile NPCs will they be randomly generated / spawned once killed or is it going to be a one and done type deal?
  2. Maps do not work in multiplayer. With the map on the hot bar when a player plays it updates and works but upon logging out and back in on a dedicated server instance or a player hosted game, the map resets and does not save.
  3. I made a post in the wrong area, and I have moved it to the appropriate area