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    i accidently crafted 2 carpets... can there be a cancel button
  2. Master John

    Crazy cool idea?

    I havent finished Ylands yet but i do have lots of cool stuff i built together with my friend... and i looked at the moon and got an crazy idea! How about a moon rocket! Visit the moon with a special suit! and moon bases you can craft that have oxygen in them! (Just crazy idea i dont think it will be added ever)
  3. Master John

    Huge problem! (Really huge)

    I dont know what the hell the devs are doing BUT can you STOP adding stuff and START FIXING DAMN GLITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Master John

    sooo I died...

    Well i was in a cave and died... now i have some questions.... I died on another island so do you just want poeple who die in Ylands to stop playing??? its very very annoying dying in ylands and getting your items back is extremly hard! There was a mutant bear that killed me and my items are somewhere in the cave! so whats the point of crafting so much when you might permantly loose your items in singleplayer when you die
  5. Master John

    Fertilizer idea

    maybe you can collect poop from animals and use it as a Fertilizer and it makes plants grow faster
  6. Master John

    server history

    I think this is a good suggestion... a Server history were you can see the servers you already joined once... because i played on a server yesterday and now i dont remember what it is called
  7. Master John

    Dev Diary #25

    Can you also fix that when i joined my inventory disapeard and my BED disapeard in SINGLEPLAYER! >:()