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  1. My own server wont load. i am kinda lost on local island. when i try to get back to my own server it wont let me.. Anyone know a solution? btw i can join other servers.
  2. I played more then 370 hours.. suddely i spotted a planecrash site and a mummi.. maked me confused if this was already ingame or that they do some kind of server update :)? And btw any new news on the upcoming updates and will that affect or restart the servers agian? Thnx Ylands Team and ppl greetings StickMansNL
  3. Thnx for the quick replies i appreciate that. Works agian here.. Thnx
  4. Take ur time i played last night no problems at all.. a friend of my is in the game so i wasnt sure what the problem was..
  5. Suddenly i cant start game any more.. some error as last times when the servers where down. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. I got cannons build i know about that bug happened to me couple of times.. on a ship and cannon on the house both getting bugged like described.. if u like i can bug the cannon for u and send the logs in here. Greeting StickMansNL
  7. StickMansNL

    CANT REPRODUCE [YLD-8634] multiplayer ship bug..

    Here are the log files.. if u have futher things to ask about other bugs with proppack or the bug i had with making piles of ash just ak me and will i decsribe it.. Have an great day.. StickMansNL output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Got the following thing happening while playing online with a friend.. when we stop the ship and we ancor it.. i did the ancor down while he was at the helm.. after we came back afther exploring the ship was bugged.. ladders says failed.. with dirt makes a ramp.. sails dont react to the controls. Just wanted to let u know.. great game over 500 hours. Got more bugs i know but not reporting them. Greetings
  9. Ylanduim generator on ship.. connected 4 spots and switch on 1 on the node on the geneator works. maked an 2nd circuit on the generator.. 1 switch and 2 wall lamps.. there is where the bug starts when i want to destroy/or removing energy beams.. even in editor. Just wanna inform u about this.. amazing game anyway