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  1. Kemati

    Santa clothing

    I believe you are correct with that assumption, there isn't any way to craft it I'm sure it would need to be added with an editor.
  2. Kemati

    Propeller pack

    Double tap space bar and that should help you
  3. So recently after browsing I came across the Ylands.ini file located @ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\1**37****\298610\remote. I noticed that I could make some changes inside of it which have been overriding the initial max land size/ ylands available in the editor. I set it to 15 ylands and set the maps up at 6 in size, Then I explored to find more than 5 ylands as I came across 6. I've also changed my Fov to 140 in the ini file and it indeed worked! So this leads me to my question, is there a randomly generated command line that is used for the basic scenarios to make points of interests and caves? If so I would love to know if anyone has it because maybe it might be as easy as adding that string line into the Ylands.ini. If anyone has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it, also I'm loving the editor there is so much to do inside of it Have only noticed more island than five, height isn't working and land mass seems to default 5, reverts back after I close the game. Maybe it won't work
  4. Kemati

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    Hello would it still be possible for us to test out the dedicated server files? I'd love to try them out thanks in advance!
  5. Kemati

    Dedicated Servers for Ylands -- An Update

    Hello, I was wondering if it was still possible to get into the dedicated server beta? Ive hosted many servers in my time and I would absolutely love to be invovled in this process seeing as I've long awaited this amazing game. If it's still possible please let me know, thank you very much Kemati