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  1. Hi, I built a ship from the small hull, with fore and aft pieces, 2 large sails, helm and anchor. Both the helm and the anchor are on platform above ship, all other pieces are on hull. There was no issue with the ship when I'm near the starting island. However, as I get further away from that island the ship becomes less and less responsive to the helm to the effect that I am unable to steer the ship effectively. As an example, I ran with sails down and an adjustable spanner on the "D" key to turn right for nearly 2 hours and in that time I turned through approximately 90 degrees. This happened before Christmas too, but in that instance I was able to get the ship back to the start island where the steering becomes "normal" again. Now, the same save game, the ship is far to the East and South of the home island and I have all but given up retrieving it to be frank. I have read similar problem occur when a computer is placed on the ship. I have yet to find the computer, but I did free place a copy of Alice in Wonderland book on a desk in the ship cabin. The book disappeared and I thought nothing more about it - it is EA after all and bugs are expected Please find attached the log file requested. Also a crash dump from 6th Jan (might or might not be related). I cannot find the save game file. Please advise where this is located and I will upload it. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt 2018-01-06_174538.zip EXPLORE.ylandsgame.zip