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  1. Sailling_pigeon

    0.10: Clever Coding (27/08/2018)

    Oh my gosh ! This is even better than what I was hoping for. This is the best way to keep it. Always keep us surprised. I have a lot of respect for your work guys. May Ylands know a success comparable to Minecraft in 5 years from now. Cheers !
  2. Sailling_pigeon

    Sneak Peek #55

    Thx for the update info. If I may speak freely (sometimes it's better to do it at some point)...this post feels like you're apologizing in every sentences. The fact that we are told constantly "soon... very soon" and then we get apologies.. doesn't inspire trust in my own little and individual opinion. When blizzard say "we will release the game when it will be ready"... it may feels frustrating having to wait... but since they seem super confident about it and never rush to say when it will be released... people forget about the waiting time and just remember how cool it is when the game is released. I really appreciate this game and I hope so much that it will be a success. Right now, the communications with the players community feels like it's all about expectations > frustrations > apologies... Maybe, if what i'm saying makes any sense... maybe creating expectations is something that should be avoided at all costs... or should I say creating falses expectations. Maybe the question is... why does it seems so important to speak so much about release date? As for me... be assured that once the 0.10 release is out... even if it's in a year, i'll be there from the first day to test it out !
  3. Sorry my explanation was not very clear. If you want infinite rubber, here is what you must do. You just need one rubber tree. 1) You take your saw to cut down a rubber tree without extracting the rubber with your knife. 2) Once the tree is down, you can start extracting rubber with your knife. As long as it is down and that you don't cut it down in logs, it gives you unlimited rubber with the knife. There, it should be more clear. Sorry, english is not my first language.
  4. When sawing down a rubber tree, it is possible to extract infinite rubber with an iron knife (I didn't tested it with a tone knife). This occurs when the tree is down but still whole. (not cut in logs...)
  5. When the ore is in soft soil like dirt or sand, it's possible to indefinitely dig with the pick and then flatten back the surface with the shovel. The ressource doesn't deplete. I just got 56 coal from the patch on the screen captures and the patch is still intact.
  6. Thx for the quick answer. I completely love this game. You guys are the best !
  7. When trying to place the Ylandium generator (the small one or the big one), I always get the message "Location too far" even when i'm clearly in range. I can place other structures and station but it seems those energy station don't work. I tried to place them on different places and grounds. Sometimes it tells me there's not enough space, but it shouldn't.