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    Thank you kind sir.
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    So I need both saltpeter and sulphur for gunpowder?
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    Okay, I have tried everything I can think of in exploration mode and looked throughout the forums and online. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make gunpowder. I found some saltpeter on one of my Ylands, but there is no option to make gunpowder and I have tried all of the crafting stations I can think of that may have the recipe. Any hints or help would be appreciated.
  4. Hey there, Having loads of fun with this game so far. I have run into nearly zero issues that I would consider bugs, however, there is one pesky thing that is sort of game breaking for me. I love using the bow and arrow, but I would say about 2 out of every 3 shots simply gets stuck right at my characters location when I let go of the mouse button to fire. Maybe I am doing something wrong, however, I usually hold the mouse button down aim, and then release. Sometimes it works, but more often the arrow just sticks right there and I have to move a couple of steps to the side and try and fire again. It is obviously a waste of an arrow not to mention an issue if a creature or enemy is advancing on me. Hopefully I am just stupid and there is something I am doing wrong. Thanks!