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  1. bigblockhead

    DEV ANSWER Boats (Stuck)

    This is the price you pay for playing the $ 10 ALPHA game guys. I have dug out my boat three times before I smartened up and stopped sailing near shore-immersion complete!
  2. bigblockhead

    Fuel/Power limits?

    This is interesting- I have been flying for weeks now, I wonder if it has a hidden durability, It does not seem to take fuel or power.
  3. bigblockhead

    Hoard your Ylandium Crystals

    Hoard all the things- you can also make some sweet weapon and lighting
  4. bigblockhead


    Let me say first I am enjoying building in this game tremendously despite 2 major flaws, to me anyway. Permanence- is there any way to make the blocks removable? Not being able to change my mind, although more challenging, as a builder is frustrating. Colors-- As you can see, we have 5-6 shades of browny-tan here, all clay blocks- and using the clay bricks tiles for walls is fast, but there is no way that I can see to tell if you are getting the light or dark side as you are positioning it. They are also different shades than all the other clay blocks. Would love to see blocks and tiles in matching sizes for all materials, like small stone bricks and cubes would be great.
  5. bigblockhead

    DEV ANSWER Animals stopped reacting

    I also experience this, since 0.3 the mobs do not seem to aggro at all ,I just cleaned out a huge cave full of Mutated Alpha Hyenas and felt bad after a while, not 1 attacked or even reacted to being killed. Also noticed that all mobs have the same HP, seem to anyway, 2 hit kills with a saber or katana. I would love to see better AI on the MOBS, and a faster re-spawn, maybe nerf their loot to offset this. I want a reason to be afraid of the dark.
  6. bigblockhead


    Awesome! Knowing how to build makes me want to start over, but I'm gonna wait a bit- did you ever experience lag from all the items placed? My game seems jumpy since I did all the building.
  7. bigblockhead

    On terraforming...

    Amen to this- I raided my beaches near spawn for sand early on- they will never look the same.
  8. bigblockhead


    Just getting used to this building interface, it is incredibly versatile, having lots of fun just decorating. I wish getting cloth was a bit less grindy- maybe a bonemeal function to grow faster ? Make the planting animation shorter? I want a teepee village but getting 50-60 cloth takes forever. A couple shots of my build- actually built it around my spawn base to hide to mess I initially made. A work in progress - would love to see what others are doing
  9. bigblockhead


    I could not find coal until i built the propeller pack- ores are much easier to spot from the air.
  10. bigblockhead

    Blacksmith station recipe

    The recipe is in your character's crafting screen, search "unlit blacksmith forge", you should see it
  11. bigblockhead

    Thoughts on sailing,while sailing

    Ok, so I learned a few things, too. The propeller pack is essential for exploration, well worth the y-dust. No more falling into freezing water. Multiple masts= More speed I have still not unlocked a "warmth" potion recipe--anyone??? I would like that gear back someday. So, although the map needs a lot of work, I agree that making it too easy to recover would devalue the effort needed to play the survival mode. Operation: Arctic Recovery , a multi-national rescue effort at the deadly Port O'Peguins
  12. bigblockhead


    I have been on 9 ylands now, coal on one, copper on one, ylandium crystals in one cave only so far. You should try to kill all the mutated kitty cats for their bones. The coal was right under an iron deposit, barely visible, be sure to dig around a bit. After nothing at all on 8 Ylands, found one almost made of copper, keep sailing and don't die!
  13. There is lots of time to think while sailing.... The map reveal seems out of proportion to what you could actually see, and the ylands sort of appear out of nowhere. I feel sure I am sailing right past them sometimes, if you don't notice the birds, there is no chance of seeing them. so slow..... a landing craft that was recoverable, instead of building rafts at each yland A compass and continued sailing when releasing the helm will be nice. Can we have a cursor on the map to show the ship's position? The "close" button on the map disapears on a blue background so slow....... perhaps the ship could have an inventory, or an upgrade, rather than covering the deck with chests. you know we keep everything so slow..... Motors? a JIb? sharks on harnesses? Oars? wait I think I see a bird..... Do we really have to die in 10 seconds flat for falling into cold water? I got back on the raft and was dead before i could turn it around. 45 minutes of sailing to find an island, dead before i get to the shore. Rage A map is based on knowledge- once terrain has been discovered, each new map should be the same. finding the ship with a blank map is very difficult.