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    Make The World Round Again [Suggestion]

    Hi this is a great idea I hope they take notice.
  2. I think this is a great idea hope they take notice.
  3. I totally agree with your statement, the lag does become very very annoying and needs fixing asap.
  4. Hi just a thought does anyone know if Bohemia will consider doing there own servers like Ylands Realms/minecraft realms. i think this would be great if they did. Cheers.
  5. DazRogue

    MineCraft realms Ylands realms

    Hi thanks for the reply, that's great I can't wait for this to be available.
  6. DazRogue

    protective barrier

    Hi this is my first post. If i have the protective barrier active while i am online can someone break my buildings. i just had an aggressive player chase me i blocked the only way in to my base with blocks and he broke in and attacked me. i don't think i understand how this barrier works. please advise.
  7. DazRogue

    protective barrier

    Hi it was a properly built building (not Free Placed) i left an opening to get in and out. A guy chased me down the coast but i got away from him a little got in to my build and placed panels in the door to block the opening. (not free placed) He must have seen where i went came over to my building and seemed to punch the two panels that i placed and broke them and came in i was on the second floor looking down at him. Oh and it was built out of wood out on the water.
  8. DazRogue

    protective barrier

    Hi yes it was repaired and active. Thanks Kittemz1 that is the answer, i thought it protected your base while you were online i am not sure it explains it too well in the codex or it might be that i just cant read..Thanks for the help.