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  1. I had this behavior also on my dedicated server. I was wondering why my buddy was dying so easily only to find out I was immortal. Didn't even notice it until the propeller pack would not fly and I tried to get killed to respawn and try again. Nothing would kill me and the hearts never went down. I did a /killme and that fixed both problems on respawn. Unfortunately we have started a new session since then so I have no data to give. I would get the indicator to eat and that I was cold or hot. Pretty sure my O2 indicator was going down while underwater also. Never took any damage though.
  2. Try enter and put in /unstuck and enter then it will show you some options.
  3. grimp

    Can't join own dedicated server

    I had the same issue. Turned out there was a minor update through Steam just when I had left and rejoined to clear some strangeness and the server would not show up. Just had to update the server and I could see it again. I assume version mismatch makes it so you can't see it.
  4. I have had occasion when I had to remove the ground, pile in new dirt then flatten. Especially if there is rock. Same thing if I put in ground but there is a void left below.
  5. Yes put the paths into the DsConfig.json file. These 3 lines with your paths or every time it restarts it will start a new game I believe. I think the SessionDataType being YlandFile tells it to look for a file. SessionData tells it where that file is. Savepath tells it where to save progress (same as SessionData). "SessionDataType" : "YlandFile", "SessionData" : "C:\Games\ylands\YlandsDsInstances\JiF-Explore\SessionSave.ylandsgame", "SavePath":"C:\Games\ylands\YlandsDsInstances\JiF-Explore\SessionSave.ylandsgame", I use built in Windows File History to back it up regularly. That way if there is corruption or other strange issue I can just shutdown the server right click on the save file and select a previous version. So far it has worked out.
  6. Put the save file info in the DsConfig.json? { "SessionDataType" : "YlandFile", "SessionData" : "C:\Games\ylands\YlandsDsInstances\JiF-Explore\SessionSave.ylandsgame", "SavePath":"C:\Games\ylands\YlandsDsInstances\JiF-Explore\SessionSave.ylandsgame", "nMaxPlayers" : 4, "Password" : "XXXXX", "Name" : "JiF F.O.G. Explore" } This should probably be in the dedicated server forum.
  7. grimp

    Server Files

    Send a PM to Ane and request access to the dedicated server sub-forum. Found it here: "Anyone who wishes for access to the beta should private message https://ylands.com/community/profile/25-ane/ in order to be granted access. Once she receives your message, she will grant you access to the Dedicated Server sub-forum where you can find the server software, as well as instructions on using it"