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  1. Knoble

    RESOLVED [YLD-13359] Hit radius

    MS paint pic, to get the problem recognized by the dev team! A3_Melle Thank you for explaining this in a way that gets some recognition to the problem!
  2. Knoble

    Dev Diary #56

  3. Knoble

    Dev Diary #56

    Listen I am not complaining about you removing the fpv! I am complaining, because you cannot hit what you are aiming at! I have given a couple of examples below! I will mspaint some pictures for the devs if they need it. I have a wolf in front of me! He wants to eat me! I have a sword! I want to defend my self, and maybe get some meat! I swing my sword, and I chop down a tree behind the wolf? The wolf kills me! Why, cause you care less about my targeting system then the wolves! Is this some type of conspiracy? I want to build this wall. This block is in my way! I use my hammer to remove the block! And the block i am standing is removed. Imagine my surprise in that Wylie Coyote moment! Please stop trying to fix, add, or think of anything else, till you can fix that. Being able to hit what you are aiming at should have been the first thing you fixed, even before going to alpha.
  4. Knoble

    Dev Diary #56

    Yeah! 1.0! and you guys still can't get the targeting system right! I am aiming at the wolf directly in front of me, and a hit the tree 5 meters to my right. I swing again and this time I hit the grass behind the wolf! Your fix to this, remove 1st person view. Its sad when you are given a GREAT game like Ylands, and the Priority over the most important feature of a survial game, the ability to defend yourself, has a lower Priority, then adding NPCs. So while you are patting yourselves on your own backs, We are all sitting back here looking at each other wondering who you got in charge over there? ATM I am guessing the person in charge of the Ylands development team is a rabid raccoon with a magic 8 ball, but what do I know. Hope you fix it soon! Till then, "may your sails never block your view!"
  5. Knoble

    Petition to re-add first person view

    As we all know, the game was released in beta, with the targeting system broke. The closest the targeting system came to working accurately was in 1st person view. Now, they have removed 1st person view, breaking the targeting system even more. Now with the 3rd person view, they say be patient we are going to implement a upgraded 3rd person view. My question is why would you purposefully breaks the game? I think the petition should be to have, whomever is running the show, to step down. Maybe they can sweep the parking lot or something, cause they are clearly failing at their job ATM. Who puts out a game, then makes it so the players won't play it. You know the player base numbers have fallen off lately.
  6. Knoble

    Dev Diary #52

    LMAO! You take out 1st person view, and your targeting system is still broken! Stop patting your self on the back, and fix the biggest problem in the game. You don't always hit what you are aiming at. Just removed half a wall to get the three blocks i wanted to remove. SMH! and logged out! FAIL!
  7. Knoble

    Sneak Peek #45

    Thanks for the info, it will be good to see more substantial fixes in the future. But I would like to say that its a sad day in the gaming community, when game companies put out games (even early access) in the state of Ylands. The targeting system (Fail), The building system (Fail), 1st person view (Fail); But the item mall, up and running. I understand the need to generate revenue, But at what cost? Screw the gaming community and lets grab as much money as we can before they move onto the next broken game. Instead of putting out a quality product, and generating a loyal community following. When will this madness end? I apologize if I have offeneded anyone; I have to remember this is the same company that put out "DayZ" Which for a long time had no Zombies...
  8. Please for the love of God! Please fix the targeting system. I have a wolf in front of me, its says wolf showing it is highlighted, I swing my sword and hit the grass plant beside me, or behind me, or the tree three times further away then the wolf. Its been like that since the beginning. Pretty much a major let down when discussing the quality of Devs that work on this game. The targeting system should have been refined before you entered into early release. Come on guys! We the players are really expecting more from you guys then just some half arsed work. If we wanted that we could go to blizzard!