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  1. Sadly I must have deleted it by accident as well. I did a search for Bohemia Interactive and the only email that comes up is the Winter Update from 12/27/17... Any chance to get the code resent please? I've been gone for a while, came home, clicked the game and get the error screen, I assume it is only available on Steam now. Please let me know, thank you
  2. iron.helix

    Editor Ylands and Caves

    Nah, I already spent a few picks and shovels digging down into the underworld thinking the cave entrances just weren't generated correctly... I did find some diamonds and other fun items, so not a complete loss... Looking forward to when the option to generate them is added into the editor, will make it a complete adventure... The problem with creating your own is... well, you know how they are set up and what is down there, most of the fun of the game is venturing into the unknown and seeing what you can find. Looking forward to the future updates, thanks everyone for the answers
  3. iron.helix

    Editor Ylands and Caves

    I've been searching the forums and probably looked right past it, but do Ylands created in the editor have caves? I wanted to try to build a HUGE Yland, so I set the land mass to max and I now have a land mass that feels more like a continent... Now I have a game going and for the life of me though, I can't find any cave entrances. I was able to get a map going and I have a huge section of the Yland searched, and no caves. Which means no Ylandium dust to build all the fun toys with. I also noticed that there are no special little spots scattered throughout the area, you know, those abandoned secret areas with a bunch of little treasures to help you on your way. Not that I miss the death rock, but finding the paintings and old camp sites were kind of fun. But the caves, are they there and I just need to dig down to them, or do caves not exist in the editor Ylands yet? Thanks for any info you can give me.
  4. The first time I found salt peter on the surface I thought it was just a flint vein, was surprised when I mined it and found out it was salt peter