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Found 2 results

  1. ERGZ Ylands Server (ERGZ) ERGZ Ylands Server is a Public Dedicated Server (DS). ERGZ Ylands Server begun testing operations on Jan 17th. ERGZ Ylands Server is apart of the "Active Admins" Network, aka Admins that Actively maintain their servers almost daily to keep it running optimally and efficiently to the best of their abilities. Since Ylands is Early Access, the DS Software will have issues, please remember what to expect on a public server during these times. The ERGZ Ylands Server world is a 0.7 Exploration world, with other 10 Ylands and over 15 NPC's roaming about the world, Protection Barriers to protect your work or home. Features: Low Latency Tuned Network (For Australia/NZ/Oceania) Server hosted in Sydney Data Center, 100Mbit U/D Active Server Owner/Admin: Since i work from home, I'm practically always on the server (unless here) Daily Backups: Every Daily Maintenance or "Cleaning" occurs the World is Backed up Daily Maintenance: Maintenance is usually held at 10pm (AEDT) to 11pm daily 8 Slot Server Rules: All rules can be found on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK Server Wipes: Only 1 Server wipe has been made, this was due to 0.7 adding new content which would not appear on the old 0.6.3 world. In all hindsight, if there is new features or map improvements that require a new map (Dev's call), all in all a wipe would be imminent at the release time. If a wipe is mandatory, In-Game announcement's will be made, shortly prior to the wipe. This page and other places will updated to reflect a wipe. Roll Backs: Due to Windows VPS pricing, the server is now on a hosted service, so backups will be a daily backup at the time of maintenance. So roll backs will be due to this factor. Known Issues: Please read up on the risks of playing on a public server, read the through the Bugs section and Feedback areas, General Discussion. This will be a good indicator of issues and risks at the current time. If you are going to play on a public server i might suggest these: Protective Barrier: Build a Floor and 4 walls and roof, people cant get in. Lock your doors! (you may need a locksmith first) House: Double Build, Build 2 floors, 8 walls, and roof. People cant see inside and steal items from storage Paranoid about machines? Lock them up! padlocks are great for this! again you need a locksmith. Paranoid about others? Move away! ERGZ Ylands has over 10+ Ylands to make home on. Contact: Server Discord: https://discord.gg/yQUJ8AK ( Only contact me with issues related to the server, all other requests will be ignored, for general questions pm me here ) Here: via PM Steam: Energritz Twitter: Energritz Discord: Energritz#8571 Server Template used from @Whane The Whip with permission.
  2. DePemy

    Port Forwarding

    Hai! What do you guys recommend should be port forwarded for the remote port? I am bit confused on what to use here. DePemy