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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, been long time since my last suggestion. Since I don't have much time playing Ylands game recently, I spend my spare time only on Ylands forum. I've noticed something is missing, when you look at your own profile you see "About Me" tab, and when you look at others, it doesn't show up.. or I can't find it anywhere on their profile. As if I understand correctly, the "About Me" tab is used to introduce yourself to "stranger" who look at your profile and want to know more about you without the needs to ask/post about it but since it doesn't show up, it doesn't have meaning. For example: As you can see, there is "About Me" tab beside Activity when you look at your own profile (in this case it's mine). And here for example, you can't see it. Am I blind or it's on the setting somewhere? or the web designer forgot to put it there? I know it's small thing, maybe just maybe when you guys have spare time to add it, that would be wonderful. *Edit* Sorry I have used your profile as an example @YadNiMonde
  2. I'm having an issue with the forum where when I click on the Activity tab and then the My Activity Streams tab the drop down box is partially hidden behind other things on the page and then it disappears when I move the mouse onto it, I can't select anything on it. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me? Edit: I'm using Google Chrome on Windows 10 64 bit if that matters at all
  3. V-Alfred

    [Feedback] Forum Features

    Hey fellow Ylanders! I have been pretty active in the forum for last couple months. I noticed reaction notification feature was changed, now it says "somebody reacted to a post in a topic bla bla", it's kinda silly but I feel it's better to know who exactly react to our post. Just like old forum.. And able to see who is reacting by clicking reaction symbol in every post (atleast our own post) in the past is old feature that I missed. Is there a reason why you disable/changed it, Devs? Also able to remove our own post, I think is must have feature. Since human often make mistakes.. Please let me know if this kind of topic already discussed somewhere. Thanks