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Found 3 results

  1. spatz_428

    New Machine- Wood Mill

    I would like to see a wood mill machine to make wood materials (i.e. planks, beams, etc) faster from logs, rather than manual cutting with iron saw.
  2. This popped into my head and I really like it. So imagine the further you go south the hotter it gets exponentially. Players would expect something similar but I'm saying it gets so hot you end up with shallow water, stretches of barren seabed, lava lakes which would require special ships to sail. While if you head north it eventually just turns to solid ice requiring ice breakers or eventually vechicles that drive on the ice to go further north where you would maybe run into a solid ice wall (you could possibly bore a tunnel through with a vehicle with a front mounted drill) There could be rare resources in both places requiring visits to both for endgame tech. I was sitting back mulling over the idea but I kept expanding on it. I imagine driving a truck over the solid ice carrying a full load of rare ore we've mined to our ship that is waiting where the ice begins. -Or sailing on seas of lava in an obsidian plated ship fighting the temperatures. I would have these north and south lands start very very very far out in each direction, nobody should accidentally find it, you'd have to really journey north or south. This obviously isn't entirely realistic, but I think it'd be a mind blow and fit the game nice while giving more use for some of the tech available and providing more potential machinery. ---- Edit: Islands and animals surviving on them would be terrifying, but once you reach the "end" there would only be ash or ice mounds scattered around showing that nothing survives that far out. Progressing further than that would lead to just a wall of extremely hard ice (not sure what the lava equivalent could be.) Inside the ice could be veins of rare ores that possibly don't stack requiring you to haul it back on a large vehicle. ..Or maybe even the ore needs to be forged on the side with the lava, it'd go from lava lakes to strips of obsidian land with tunnels leading to the planets core where you'd forge the ore. You'd be required to make both trips to reap the rewards. I've been fleshing this idea out as I'm writing it so I apologize for jumping all over the place.
  3. Lupowop


    So I've been playing for about a month now and I have reached all of the stuff that I think is unlockable in exploration mode. I have made myself a little jeep for putting around my Yland, I have the propeller pack for caving and general explorations and I have a couple of boats; one running on sails and a few engines, and one running strictly on engines. Basically I'm at end-game and just building new buildings on other ylands and such. So the other day I was sailing between my home Yland and my sulfur source yland and I thought to myself...."Self... wouldn't it be cool as all get out to be flying from Yland to Yland?..." and then I started really thingking... Engines... check Propeller Pack... check Flying mechanics.... check Vehicle building mechanics... check... Floating "propeller driven" platforms... check... Car chassis with "built in" car mechanics... check... "By Golly" I thought to myself.... "these are all of the elements of what one would need to build a basic HELICOPTER!!" Now... I know all of you (me included) purists will say... "that would be waaay to easy to Yland"... "it would make ships obsolete"... etc, etc... Humor me and imagine this, if you will... A very end game, and expensive to build, "basic" helicopter platform... much like the car chassis... where you could build "freely" with basic bits... just like the car... you would need an engine... a cockpit, and the chassis... the rest is then up to you... Imagine a flying exploration vehicle equipped with chests and such... you could use this to go on "harvesting" runs to get that pesky saltpeter... or just hop to the tropical Yland to harvest more rubber (I know you can replant the trees)... There would be limitations, of course, such as... it's engine powered... you need to fuel it or run the risk of splashing down in the middle of nowhere... I mean... think about it... once the devs allow us to cart around "mobile entities" like horses or cars on our ships... you could build a landing pad and land the copter on your ship... sail near an island and then fly to it... anywho... here is to active imaginations and hoping right...