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Found 2 results

  1. Mcloutier87

    New Realm Entertainment

    Hey everyone, not many know who I'am because I don't really post here. I have had an account on this for some time and I think I'll be way more active on this. This being said please send me messages if anyone is interested in chatting, getting to know me or have questions about the YLands Editor. Im still learning it as it changed a lot since I last used it. I know C++, PHP, and many of the other languages so this shouldn't be too hard. On another story I have created a Club that everyone is more than welcome to join. New Realm Entertainment is a Semi Large Community that has been around for some time. We do play other games and try to launch servers for our members. We hire staff to manage the servers. I don't play on all the servers so I need you guys to help make them fun and to keep them going. Anyways enough about that... Well what are you waiting for head on up to that Navigation Bar and Join the club.