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  1. My server will require you to explore. Secrets shull be uncovered lol.
  2. Mcloutier87

    save the horses and farm animals ..

    this is something that can be scripted in the editor. Ill see about adding it in on my modded server
  3. Mcloutier87

    How do I invite friends to clan or game?

    Yes it does still go through. If your friend hits escape you will see the option on the top that says clan. He/she just needs to accept the invite. You can also do it inside the game too.
  4. Mcloutier87

    How long have you been playing Ylands?

    December 6th 2017, I bought it for both steam accounts and then gifts to a bunch of people. lol
  5. I know the workshop ones dont work but those were created when it first released. I know I made new blueprints 4 months ago and they work fine.
  6. Mcloutier87

    New Realm Entertainment

    https://discord.gg/ZPNJECE is our discord. Im redoing the layout so Soon Ill add more sections.
  7. Mcloutier87

    Dev Diary #103

    okay great to hear off to work. 4.5 hour drive for a job site. only will take 10 minutes and then back home. best of luck on the Ylanders
  8. Mcloutier87

    Dev Diary #103

    Okay so that looks good... but please make it so you can make the map show by pressing M only if you have a required item. At least in the editor. Having a map always available wont fit into my roleplay.
  9. strange I dont have this. did you create them in the editor or the game. I created them in game and works fine.
  10. Give us a little feedback about yourselfs
  11. It's just the blueprints that are bought in the store. You can create your own it it works just fine.
  12. Mcloutier87

    Discord Channel

    Also maybe make the discord link not expire. lol
  13. Mcloutier87

    New Realm Entertainment

    Hey everyone, not many know who I'am because I don't really post here. I have had an account on this for some time and I think I'll be way more active on this. This being said please send me messages if anyone is interested in chatting, getting to know me or have questions about the YLands Editor. Im still learning it as it changed a lot since I last used it. I know C++, PHP, and many of the other languages so this shouldn't be too hard. On another story I have created a Club that everyone is more than welcome to join. New Realm Entertainment is a Semi Large Community that has been around for some time. We do play other games and try to launch servers for our members. We hire staff to manage the servers. I don't play on all the servers so I need you guys to help make them fun and to keep them going. Anyways enough about that... Well what are you waiting for head on up to that Navigation Bar and Join the club.
  14. Mcloutier87

    Dev Diary #103

    Okay Adam let me make it easy for those of you with that tiny brain. Haha jk, but i'll try to explain it a little easier. As everyone knows there is a map in the game that can be crafted using a Pencil. Well something that would make the game 80% better would be for that map to update when a change is made in the world. Lets say Someone wants to venture out in the open waters and place sand or dirt in the water. this would create a mark on the map showing the dirt that was placed. I created something like this on a game I created a long time ago. It was a world atlas. I ran cron jobs to update it. So what this did was saved images of the world. Im pretty sure that is the way your doing it now due to the fact the map is created when the seed is created. Basically all that needs to be done is re-update the map. I would say do it live but I think it would be fine to let the Admins run a staff command to update it as this will put stress on the server. Minecraft has done something like this. It honestly wouldn't be too complicated to do something like this. On a side not please add in something to the editor where if I walk into a trigger the NPC will walk to you. The code is there as it works if you put yourself in the vector. But Lets add NPC as well. I have ideas that I need this option for. Or just let me take over all source code and I'll program the editor for everyone to use