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Found 2 results

  1. 0ldguy


    Ylands have *exploration *creative *multi player exploration •Suggestion• > main multiplayer -an island that can not be reset -with a companion npc for building and crafting (cause it will take time now) -can sail to your friends’ island -Island hub that connects player in the region where players socialize and get ready to go adventuring in: 1. Dungeon to clear. 2. Underwater ruin 3. Cave to explore 4. And more *When you die you get back to your main island. •Extra suggestion• *Protective Barrier > 3 kinds - For the island 30x30x30 (upgradable) - For cars: its like a sunscreen and when you put install it, it will protect the car only - For ship: same concept for example, you or your friends can only lock/unlock doors and change the structure of the ship. *protective barrier for cars and ships only cover the vehicle’s parts/cosmetics/skin/surface so no one can destroy it.
  2. I_R0N1N_I

    Objective based gaming

    Playing around in the editor I thought the island's maps that get generated would be nice if it was possible to have a capture objective. So, generate say 5 islands. 2 islands have HQ spawns(which can also be captured, resulting in a sudden death event if u have no other islands flying your flag) I have had a look at the entities in the events section of the editor and i see a spawner, it would be nice if there was an entity/trigger that could be used as a capture objective. I see the game mode been played by 2 players or 2 teams. Start survival or with some basic stuff near the spawn, build a boat and go on a capture spree if playing in teams can go all out medium to big ships but players would have to build from scratch so an arm's race is implied. Capture all islands to win, or in 2 player game set time and most islands flying your flag win.