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Found 1 result

  1. Paula Voytek has made a very lovely home that I adore here for subscription. The bathroom is awesome. I was trying so hard to figure out how to make a bath like that! But problem. I noticed when opening doors I needed to open two instead of one. Then I tried to color a chair and it would not paint half the time. When I went to move a statue over a bit I realized what had happened when there was a statue under the statue. Paula's house some how got saved in duplicate. No judgement. When working with Blender Render Program I have a "search for duplicates" options. It happens. But this brings up questions. How do I contact Paula Voytek to explain the mistake? Can Paula replace, reupload and remove the house on this site with a corrected non-duplicate? I mean is that something that can even be done? On the site's end and on Paula's end? Also would like to note the "report" option does not seem to have a real use. I mean what would we ever report? This game doesn't have anything report worthy in it. If I made a dungeon with whips and chains and drew penises on the cave walls with assembled geodes I doubt anyone would care. Of course I came from TESO where that kind of scenario is encouraged by the devs of Elder Scrolls so maybe I'm desensitized. The only time ESO got up-in-a-bunch was when a racial slur was insinuated by a guild in a rp'ing youtube vid. Reporting a duplicate seems to drastic. So how do I inform the house is borked?