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Found 2 results

  1. handofthesly

    Unity Crash Report

    Just encountered a new thing today while playing on a Creative game. The game window closed suddenly and a pop up window appeared saying a Unity crash had occurred and whether I wanted to view the location of the crash logs. These are in a different location than the normal output log files and there's one file, crash.dmp, which I can't upload here as it's not supported. I'll send the normal ones you usually request for too. error.log output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. I love Ylands. Its a great game. However the multiplayer needs serious fixing. Firstly, at the moment we have protective barriers which are great however they need to also stop others placing dirt, digging, planting etc... I started a new multiplayer map and spent a while making a nice house inside the protective barrier. Although people can't directly destroy the house, they can place dirt and plant trees. When I returned to my house it was covered in dirt which was obviously very annoying. The protective barriers need to stop others from also placing and removing the earth. Second. I locked the door to my house and also locked two of the important chests just in case. No one should be able to take my stuff inside the locked house. However, when I returned the chests which weren't locked were all looted. I believe this is because people can look through the windows (and maybe walls) in first person and interact with things inside the house even though they are outside. This also must be fixed. Lastly, I don't mind people attacking others since that is kinda part of the game but the combat mechanics in multiplayer make it very hard to hit others. When you click to attack, most times you end up hitting the ground even though they are right next to you. This means its very hard to defend your base as people can just run around you, and then cover your house with dirt . Which brings me to another point. When you do finally kill someone there needs to be a penalty of some kind. It's impossible to stop someone if they can forever respawn and keep coming back. These are my suggestions. Feel free to give feedback, Desolation