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Found 2 results

  1. Usually when you die your key chain appears in your inventory, but this most recent time the keys disappeared and now I have 6 boxes and they are all locked and no keys anywhere not even by my dead body/tomb stone. I could not find the keys anywhere. That's when I realized how useless keys are and I think we should just focus on creating combination locks for everything like chest, doors, cars, ship anchor, ship helm/wheel. We should just get rid of keys altogether, its too much of a pain. Another thing about combination locks when you unlock the ships helm the combination lock goes back into your inventory. That also should not happen, when I unlock the ships helm the combination lock should remain and when I am done with it I can just go back to the helm and lock it without having to go into my inventory to get the combination lock.
  2. Rienk de Vries

    woodworking bench

    Hi guys, Quick question: how do i unlock the woodworking bench? i had it unlocked in my crafting list in the first world i played but i can't seem to unlock it now, i tried everything. Thanks in advance!