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Found 1 result

  1. John - NEXFER

    Ylanders DS

    Hi all, So due to the fact that there is currently no real way to administer a server (other than kicking / banning etc), and no real way to log who has done what, or when, etc... There is thus no real way to hinder a troll, or otherwise disgruntled person, who seeks to cause havoc and annoy decent players having fun on Ylands. This may all change (hopefully) as we loom closer to the official Steam release, but for now however, passwords on servers are our best option for defence against this maliciousness. So, I host a server / website which will now be online 24/7 (thanks to the excellent work of the Ylands devs for making this possible!). This server will be running an unedited explore mode, and we will only wipe the map if it becomes somehow necessary (unplayable without a wipe). A password has been added to the server, if you would like to play on it, please connect with the pass phrase "ylanders2017". Please note, by using this password to log in to our dedicated server (ylanders.com), you agree to the following rules: (1) "Griefing" / "trolling" that can be proved or witnessed, will result in a ban from the server, and your credentials passed on to other server owners / the community to prevent these actions from happening elsewhere. (2) Item stealing is frowned upon, though as it is vanilla, and nothing is stopping you... you will simply end up with no friends! People should lock or hide things they consider valuable until such time as a land / item protection system is implemented. (3) Killing offline players is frowned upon, though again, nothing is stopping you but the lack of friends that will result. (4) Exploiting a bug can be helpful, so long as you report the exploit to myself, or here on the forums, and stop exploiting it once you have narrowed down the cause of it. (5) Be friendly and polite to other players! If you do not agree with the above rules, please do not log in to our server! If this is not an effective deterrent to the malicious, I may be forced to only pass out the password via Private Messages. If this happens and you can not log in with the current password, please PM me and I will send you the updated password. Any support to this regard from the development team, giving admins the tools to administrate their servers, will be highly appreciated!