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I discovered a method to create this map on a newly generated world.  It is an accurate representation of the islands without any exploring. 

So perhaps a bit of a cheat, glitch, or exploit since it removes the challenge of finding your islands.  Personally I have burned or to me earned after countless hours of exploration.  So now I can build and explore the islands easier. 

How to: 

Step 1. load "task manager" 

Step 2. load ylands

Step 3. Start a new explore game 

Step 4. watch the screen.  As soon as the world map creation text reaches 100% and before you teach parrots to curse use your task manager to end the program. Ylands.exe 

Now when you reload the game and hit the continue button your map will be displayed as above. I recommend you screen cap. You won't see this screen again. 

Well that is what I did.  I am not super clever, I discovered while fumbling around keybindings on Steam Controller and it happened.  Then I repeated it to verify. 

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